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About Us

Our vision is to make data and analytics possible for all individuals and organisations that believe in the power of data to drive change and accelerate innovation.

Our Mission
We are dedicated to delivering excellent client experiences and business value through custom ERP, Web-site development, innovative analytics, insightful recommendations, and a commitment to continuous improvement, ensuring our clients’ long-term success in. 
Our Values
Integrity.  We are transparent, consistent and ethical in everything we do.
Trust & Respect. We trust and respect each other, value differences and encourage shared opinions.
Passion. We love what we do. We share ideas, get involved, take ownership and collaborate.
Curiosity. We are adventurous. We embrace challenges to learn, innovate and grow.
Experience makes us who we are today

We are an independent consultancy firm based in Dublin, Ireland. We specialize in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics. We provide solutions and services to start-ups, small and medium size enterprises. We have  management team comprising of graduates from World’s Top ranked Business schools having served Fortune 500 companies previously. We are a team of innovative technologists and domain experts helping create the value of Data, Cloud, AI/ML & Data Analytics  for the community and our clients by creating smart , flexible, and high value solutions and service offerings that work at scale consistently.


Cloud Migration & Consulting Services
Even the most skilled development teams need a helping hand!!
Polygon offers cloud expertise and technology to increase engineering productivity and reduce cloud costs. Whether you’re looking to restructure your application, create a new data pipeline, or train your team on the latest cloud technology, Polygon can help you achieve your goals.
Why choose us?
A passion for data and analytics drives Polygon
Business-driven: We put in the time to understand your business and provide informed consultation that aligns with your current and future goals.
Customer experience: Service is key to building long-term relationships. We are genuine listeners invested in your business’s success. We provide an agile, responsive, and accommodating service.
Customisable solutions: We adapt our solutions to fit your organisation, making data and analytics available and beneficial to everyone.

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