Don’t trust your gut. Get data-driven and boost your ROI with actionable insights.


Say goodbye to inaccurate sales/Inventory forecasts and hello to data-driven growth with our advanced forecasting machine learning model. Our model provides reliable sales predictions, allowing you to confidently plan for the future and make informed decisions. Don’t let inventory issues hold you back – our model helps you make precise adjustments to product inventories.

With PolyCast by Polygon Data Labs, you can predict demand for products and services in each location. Take your business to the next level with our state-of-the-art technology. Contact us today to learn more!

We use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to enhance everything from renewable energy systems’ efficiency to predicting maintenance needs.

Our Big Data Analytics solutions help businesses make sense of vast amounts of industry data to predict power generation and identify energy trends.

Web and Marketing Analytics

Web analytics provides you with a solid insight of your different marketing channels and how they interact. Whether you have the page view as focal point or the person behind the click, these analytics help you track how your initiatives are performing over time. Let datapine assist you with all these analytics collected.

Campaign Performance

Our marketing business intelligence software enables you to assess your campaigns in real-time by blending in the various KPIs used like cost-per-click, conversion rates, ROI and others. Thanks to the in-depth analysis of those metrics, you can instantly rectify what needs to be and improve your effectiveness.

Customer Segmentation

An accurate 360° customer view is what every organization is seeking. A good customer understanding needs a solid customer segmentation, that is why a marketing BI software like datapine’s is essential to keep a competitive advantage and deliver a solid brand experience.

Lead Generation

The more understanding you get about your target audience, the better you will adapt. Changes on your website may lead to a traffic decrease, but the total amount of qualified leads grows and this is what matters. Centralize all your marketing analytics to explore and browse the results to generate more and better leads.

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