Polygon Dash is modern dashboard-as-service (SaaS) solution


It is browser-based, so you can access your information from anywhere,on any device, and anytime.

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Monitoring and reporting on is an essential part of your business but it does’nt need to be a headache.Polygon Dash is modern dashboard-as-service (SaaS) solution that helps automated reporting, easy monitoring of performance metrics with our top notch customer service.


What if you could spend more time working on your online marketing projects instead of creating marketing reports? It sounds too good to be true, but with Polygon Dash that’s exactly what will happen. You’ll be saving time (and money) by using our tool to produce your reports, and you can use that extra time to work on adding value for your core business..

The PolygonDashboard check covers the following areas:



You can choose between 10+ beautifully designed templates or create custom designs that fit yur business needs. Polygon Dash allows you to explore your data visually, and generate actionable insights within minutes.We make it easy to see the most vital information at a glance, without heavy IT involvement. Polygon Dash is browser-based, so you can access your information from anywhere, on any device, and anytime. Dashboards tells a story, and we want you to see how your unique story evolves as time goes by. You can slice and dice your dashboards and charts with many advanced interactive features, and you can specify user-based rights to share only selected information.

Make smarter choices with smart data. Embrace the future of data analysis for your business.

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