Start analyzing,visualizing and validating your assumptions from day one and save countless working hours

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If you have multiple databases, data saved in external applications or an indefinite number of spreadsheets, you’ve come to the right place. Our goal is to make it as convenient as possible for you to combine and understand all your data in one single source of truth.We’ve made data integration easy.It will take you minutes instead of months to get set up with datapine.


We have native connectors to almost any relational database, flat file, ERP/CRM,web analytics, social media, help desk, and many more. Having secure access to dispersed data combined in one location is simple and just a few clicks away. Take advantage of our flexibility and numerous data connectors. Join and manipulate your data sources in a few clicks.

The Polygon Data Lake check covers the following areas:



We want to take some work off you by making data gathering an easy task. You will not need to manipulate or heavily restructure your information. It is safe and you will remain in full control over your data as you know it. No matter where your data is stored, you can connect it to datapine within minutes. Start analyzing, visualizing and validating your assumptions from day one, and save countless working hours.

Make smarter choices with smart data. Embrace the future of data analysis for your business.

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