Assess your Power BI implementation to ensure your reporting and analytics

Power BI Health Check

Environment follows best practices while serving your business needs.

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Power BI Health Check aims to assess your current Power BI implementation, highlighting areas requiring. immediate attention to ensure your current reporting and analytics environment is following best practices – all while serving your reporting and business needs.


One51’s experienced Power BI consultants conduct the Power BI Health check.They run analytical tools and meet with your IT team to discuss the processes implemented in rolling out and maintaining Power BI reports.

The Power BI Health check covers the following areas:



A precise diagnosis of your Power BI environment will eliminate the security risks associated with data leakage and the sharing of reports with unintended or privileged users. Your tenant diagnosis will ensure your environment remains scalable and performant. Additionally, the diagnosis will highlight any unused workspaces and ill-designed models and implementations that could lead to cost inflations. One51 will also provide your operational team with Analytical Monitoring reports, ensuring your environment’s health is continually monitored.

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